Appointment of IOTF Vice – Chairperson Fani Palli-Petralia as Honorary Doctorate of the University of Peloponnese

Fani Palli-Petralia, Vice – Chairperson of the International Olympic Truce Foundation and former minister, was awarded with the title of Honorary Doctorate of the Department of Sport Management at the University of Peloponnese, Greece.

Prof. Constantinos Georgiades, Vice Chancellor of the University of Peloponnese, and Prof. Constantinos Mountakis, Chairman of the Dept. of Sport Management, presented the award to Mrs. Palli – Petralia in recognition of her contribution in sports and olympism, both in Greece and internationally.

Dr. Jacques Rogue, President of the International Olympic Committee, sent a congratulatory message, emphasizing on the contribution of Mrs. Fani Palli-Petralia to the Olympic Movement and her dedication to the Olympic Ideals throughout the years. As stated in Mr. Jacques Rogge message, “on behalf of the Olympic Movement, I would like to convey my warmest congratulations for a distinction you really deserve”.

The ceremony, which took place on Friday, December 7, 2012, was attended by academics including the Prof. George Kostas, Vice Chancellor at the University of Thrace, Mr. Leonidas Grigorakos, Vice President of the Hellenic Parliament, MPs, regional and local authorities’ leaders, representatives of the Ministry of Education, students, journalists etc.


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